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Monday, April 20, 2015

Thanksgiving Point

"Little purple pansies touched with yellow gold...."
Please consider this blog as an extension of Grandma Sweat's blog.
We all took different pictures, so between the two  blogs you should get
a pretty good sampling of what we enjoyed so much at
Thanksgiving Points' Tulip Festival.
This is why they call it a "Tulip Festival"

How do they manage to mow in two directions?
This hill is steeper than it looks.

I can never resist a waterfall.

Look closely for the animal

Lots of  people, young and old, enjoying a perfect Spring
Day.  Look at that sky.

Urns add such a classic look

This is a picture of a person taking a picture.

One of my favorites

A nice stranger took this for us, and he
even gave me my camera back.

The building at the top is where we
started on our golf cart tour.

Is it the mowing, or is it strip fertilizing?

Wish you could enlarge this one.  I think
it's spectacular.

Chinese lanterns, a nice touch,

More tulips

I took a picture of Shirley standing at this same
spot ten years ago.  Wish I had thought about
including both.

A pretty lady and some pretty tulips.

I got carried away with this little statue

As you can see.

Told you so.

A glorious experience with daughters Barb and Denny.
Now get back to Grandma Sweat's blog.


  1. It really was heavenly to be there with you, Mom, and Barbie today. Great photos, Dad. Thank you!!

  2. Oh dad your photos are GORGEOUS!!! You are truly a photographer. It was heavenly, to be sure! I am updating my blog right now!!! XOXO

  3. Love these pictures, Grandpa. Especially that one with the Roman columns at the top. What a gorgeous place to spend a beautiful spring day!

  4. Grandpa, this is Forrest using my Angela alias. Great photos. I'm glad you had such a good time wandering those grounds. To answer your question about the grass that is all done with mowers. Big wide mowers that they use for golf courses and ball parks. There are rollers that "comb" the grass down after the blades cut it to give it that appearance. Looks good right?